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Atelier Zitron Wool

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  Atelier Zitron Wool & Yarns from Germany...

Atelier Zitron Wool & Yarns from Germany
All yarns from Atelier Zitron are top quality from Germany.
The yarns from Atelier Zitron are free of mulesing, ecologically sound and are manufactured exclusively in Germany. No matter which wool you choose, you will always receive a yarn of top quality. All yarns comply with the Öko-Tex Standard 100, product class 1 (No. S07-0687 FI-Hohenstein). The saliva fastness is guaranteed, so that you can use every yarn for babies and toddlers. From the raw yarn to the finished ball of wool, production takes place under strict compliance with German environmental regulations. The use of the best raw materials, gentle and careful treatment of the materials and unmistakable colour combinations make the yarns from Atelier Zitron absolute top quality products. All yarns receive top marks for wash fastness and abrasion resistance. They are proven a million times over and recognised worldwide.
All raw yarns that are used are produced without mulesing. Atelier Zitron pays attention to species-appropriate keeping of the animals. In any case, raw yarn of this quality is only available if the animals live under excellent conditions, as their way of life has a considerable influence on the quality of the wool. The raw yarns are purchased directly from the farmers and not via the wool exchanges. This ensures that no yarns that do not comply with Atelier Zitron's specifications regarding the keeping of the animals and the quality of the goods are put into the processing packages.
From top to bottom you will first find sock-wool in its typical composition and special yarns which can also be used for stockings but are also something very special. Then follow the exclusive fashion yarns and finally a selection of lace yarns of the highest quality.