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Kauni fancy yarns

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 Kauni effect wool 
 With Kauni you make the...

Kauni effect wool

With Kauni you make the best choice when it comes to felting wool, natural wool or effect wool for colourful knitwear such as jackets, scarves or felted knitwear.
Especially as felting wool we can highly recommend Kauni effect wool.
What makes Kauni effect wool so special:

The wool is characterized by unsurpassed long colour pieces, i.e. the long colour repeats. Other wool companies look enviously at the secret dyeing technique of Kauni effect wool.
The extra long colour repeats allow fantastic patterns and colour transitions, depending on the type of knitting, which other wools cannot offer. That's why you see so many different photos for the Kauni wool, so you can see all the colours in a ball !

Where does Kauni come from?

Kauni effect wool is produced exclusively in Denmark. Kauni pays special attention to environmentally friendly dyeing and makes the whole production process from raw wool to finished effect wool especially harmless to nature.

Product: Kauni effect wool
Manufacturer: Kauni Wool

Material: 100% new wool
Running length: 100g = approx. 400m
Needle size: 3-4
Stitch sample smooth right knitted 10x10 cm = 23Mx29R
Stitch sample double knitted 10x10 cm = 18Mx25R