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  Knit-pro knitting needles  
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Knit-pro knitting needles

In addition to Knit-pro knitting needles in Harmony Wood and Nickel, we also carry Knit-Pro buttons, Knit-Pro crochet hooks and the popular Knit-pro replaceable ropes. Let Knit-pro knitting needles give you a whole new knitting feeling that will surely convince you.
Knit-picks is now called Knit-pro! For the European market, the Knit-Picks brand has been renamed to Knit-Pro. Of course this has no influence on the quality and the range of needles. Everything remains the same - only the name will change. The well-known and extremely popular Knit-Pro-HARMONY series will then become the Knit-Pro-SYMFONIE series. During the time of the changeover to the new packaging from Knit-Pro it may well happen that you will still get a Knit-Picks packaging. But don't worry, the Knit-Pro content is the same.