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Filcolana spins high quality yarn for hand knitting and crochet. We buy the best wool and fibres for our yarns and ship them to spinning mills in Peru, England, and Italy, who spin our yarns. Our woollen yarns are spun from wool that is mulesing free. Our mohair comes from South Africa. After spinning, the yarn is dyed, wound into balls, labelled, and at the end shipped to our warehouse in Kjellerup. At Filcolana we are proud of being devoted to quality, sustainability, and responsibility. Shipping of the yarn to our warehouse is done with care for the environment, with a modern, sustainable, and responsible shipping operation. From our warehouse, we distribute our yarns to our retailers in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. We develop the colour range for our yarns. The dyeing materials are made according to EU standards and comply to all regulations and guidelines for textile chemicals and respect for the environment. Filcolana patterns are created by some of the most talented knit- and crochet designers in Scandinavia. Some are well established on the Nordic knitting scene; others are just in the beginning of their design careers. It is important for us that the designers get the opportunity to unfold their creativity, and we do everything we can to support them in their creative process. We reuse most packaging – for instance we use the boxes from the spinning mills, when shipping orders to your local Filcolana retailer. The main part of our printed products is produced at certified Nordic Swan Ecolabel printing houses in Denmark.