Artesano Manos del Uruguay

We are a socially conscious wholesale knitting yarn and knitting wool suppliers endeavouring to provide fair trade products. We are so pleased that one of the companies that we support, Manos Del Uruguay, is now the only yarn and knitting wool producer in the world to be officially recognised by the World Fair Trade Organisation. The sale of every hank of this yarn benefits the person who made it and the communities that they live in.
Maxima 100% Fairtrade

Maxima Manos del Uruguay   Artesano / Manos del...

Wool clasica 100% Fairtrade

Wool clasica  Manos del Uruguay Artesano / Manos del...

Wool clasica multicolori - 8891 HERCULES

Wool clasica multicolori - 8891 HERCULES

9,99 € *
Old price: 16,79 €
Maxima - Coral Reef 6650

Maxima - Coral Reef 6650

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Old price: 18,00 €