About us

"We've been stocking natural wool and silk of the highest quality since 1978."

Wollkontor Erlangen is an online shop for wool & knitting needles. You will find our shop in 91054 Erlangen, germany in Hauptstrasse 115 with wool on over 120 square meters. If you would like to buy wool, we are your best contact as a wool dealer with over 35 years of experience. Give us a call without obligation and we will be happy to advise you by telephone about your wool purchase. We are also happy to answer questions about fibre qualities, the feel and haptics of wool as well as questions about compatibility on 09131 204327.

In our Wool Onlineshop we offer beautiful wool and exclusive yarns of the companies Rowan, Katia, Lang, Kauni, Gedifra, Schachenmayr, Regia, Austermann, GGH, Mondial, Colinette, Atelier Zitron, Bremont, Schulana, Austermann, AWV Abensberg, Jim Knopf, Addi-Needles, Austermann and Lanartus, in almost 500 qualities in thousands of great colours in our assortment for knitting and felting. Also knitting needles from Addi-Nadeln, and Knit Pro knitting needles.

Let yourself in for this exhilarating play of colours and come and see us in our shop! Since hand knitting and beautiful crochet yarns live from touching and the creative imagination, we recommend that you also accept a further journey. We can promise you a lot in return: We have an almost unbelievable selection on more than 100 square meters in our wool shop in Erlangen.

And so many creative wool ideas that we can share them with you.

The Wollkontor range, both in the shop and in the wool online shop, is uniquely broad. Knitters of every age and every personal fashion preference will find their desired yarn in our online shop. We are constantly thinking about the shopping design of each season, proven standards are maintained and supplemented by many interesting fashionable novelties. Right from the start we didn't want to have a pure handicraft shop - hence the combination with old fashion jewellery, hats, wool, knitting needles and various accessories.

We cordially invite you to visit our shop if you not only want to buy wool, but are also looking for the best qualities!
New in our online shop wool assortment are now also Kauni fancy yarns which are good for felting and have great color gradients.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Your Emanuel Johannes Keller and the team from the Onlineshop für Wolle & Garne Wollkontor.

Please use for all return inquiries, complaints, general inquiries, wishes etc. our customer service ticket system at www.wollkontor-erlangen.de/support

Please always state your order number or customer number when making enquiries about current orders so that we can assign your enquiry. Since our office is not constantly staffed, we ask you to understand that answering e-mails can take up to 2 working days.